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I’m not a good gardener, but every couple of years I find myself attempting to grow tomatoes, and melons, and cucumbers.

I’m crossing my fingers, and will be planting tomatoes, cucumbers, and watermelons, as well as my usual herbs (Basil, Mint, Oregano, Parsley, etc.). I want a home-grown bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich next summer! (The bacon will come from Pattons Meat Market – naturally grown, quickly killed, and butchered expertly.)



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Various heirloom tomato cultivars

Various heirloom tomato cultivars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started gardening recently – well, started trying 3 years ago. This year, however, I have eleven – 11!! – tomato plants in containers on the deck! Yow! Either I’m “getting it,” or I’m crazy! I have 3 Black Krim tomatoes, 1 Siberia tomato, 1 Red Beefsteak tomato, 2 Big Boy tomato, 1 Super Sauce tomato, 1 Better Boy tomato, and 2 Mortgage Lifter tomatoes. (The first Mortgage Lifter plant I ordered arrived looking sick – all yellow and wilted – so the company sent me a new one – but, surprisingly, even with my negligent care, the sick one survived! I probably should send the company back it’s $5.00!)

I started 1 of the Black Krim from seeds, as I did the Big Boy, Super Sauce, and Better Boy Some are kind of sickly, and others are doing fairly well. I had started a Roma, a Super Beefsteak, a Big Beefsteak and a couple of others, but they did not survive – SIGH! Probably just as well – I don’t think I could have dealt with 18 tomato plants!

The Red Beefsteak is nearly 3 feet high (counting the container, I’m dealing with a plant 4 feet tall)! The Siberia is nearly that tall. The Siberia already had a little bitty green tomato on it. Wow! Both the Siberia and the Red Beefsteak have several more blossoms. I’m trimming off little “suckers” as they form. According to what I have read, this will increase the blossoms and the “sets.”

Now,  how do I manage both my disease (Autoimmune Disease) and my developing garden?? Interestingly, this new hobby is making me a little more energetic! Usually getting out in the sun for any length of time exhausts me, but this time, although I am very tired when I stop, once I have rested I have a little more energy! Maybe all this time the people who talk about Gardening being good for you! Even though I do strain my back as I work, my back doesn’t ache as long as it used to.

This is not a remission. There have been days when I haven’t been able to go out and water the garden at all – the Ol’ Curmudgeon waters it for me on those days. But bending, planting, transplanting, digging in the buckets, moving soil, and containers around have not made me flare! Going into the garden for a few minutes (say 15) gives me much more than it takes from me. So I’ll continue with my gardening. My pain is less, my energy is more – DANG! This is working better than the meds have, so far!

Did I mention that I’m also growing spinach, leaf lettuce, basil, oregano, thyme, onions, strawberries, mint, chives, rosemary, parsley, dill, and a little Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin)? They are in the planter containers Himself built for me so I don’t have to stoop. Hmmm, if he built a platform for the tomatoes … they would end up being too tall for me to handle. Guess I’ll need a potting bench one of these months / years soon!

English: A cherry tomato and a beefsteak tomat...

A cherry tomato and a beefsteak tomato, showing the diversity of size among tomato varieties. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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